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Amniet Garcia


Phone: (305) 912-0082


Amniet Garcia MBA, MAcc, a seasoned professional with roots in Havana City, Cuba, made her mark in the dynamic field of tax accounting upon relocating to South Florida in 2012. Armed with a master's degree in business administration, she further honed her expertise by obtaining a master’s degree in accounting from Saint Thomas University of Miami.

Amniet has carved a niche for herself in tax accounting, managing a diverse portfolio that includes Corporations, Pass-through entities, Individuals, and fiduciaries. Notably, her proficiency extends to providing dedicated support for international clients, ensuring meticulous compliance with regulatory standards.

In late 2023, Amniet joined Jack Levine PA, where she specializes in tax preparation for small to mid-sized corporate clients. Simultaneously, she is actively working towards securing her CPA license, a testament to her unwavering commitment to professional growth within the ever-evolving realms of accounting and taxation.

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