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Cloe Gonzalez

Phone: 305-912-0085


Client Support Specialist

Cloe, born and raised in South Florida, has honed her administrative skills over 8 years, gaining valuable experience and refining her abilities. With exceptional attention to detail and organizational skills, she thrives in fast-paced environments. Her strong communication and interpersonal skills foster strong client relationships, addressing their needs effectively. Cloe previously worked at a CPA firm with an International presence. Cloe excels in managing financial records and utilizing accounting software, ensuring precision and efficiency. Her adaptability, commitment, and willingness to tackle challenges make her a valuable asset. With a focus on personalized experiences, she adeptly manages calendars, coordinates events, and handles intricate finances. Cloe's professionalism and ability to navigate challenges with high net worth clients make her an invaluable asset. Overall, her extensive experience, dedication, fluency in Spanish, and exceptional skills drive organizational success, exceeding expectations.

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